February 28, 2011

Willy roundpen canters

I rode Willy today.  It was just me heading out...no Steve and no coworker today.  It was a pretty cold day with a gray sky.  I brought my lungeline and a whip with me so I could work Willy in the round pen and see that he could canter in there. 

After tacking up I worked him both directions and got him to canter pretty nicely each way.  Now to just get him to do it with me on him!

A minor tangle in Willy's mane
I mounted up, happy that he didn't try to move out right away.  What a good boy!  Then I walked him, trotted him and eventually got him into the canter.  He wants to trot faster and faster in the round pen instead of breaking into the canter.  Once he did I tried to concentrate on my seat and balancing to the inside of the circle...sort of a revisit with the fall from Divine last week.  I worked him both ways at the trot and canter, he needed a little bit of prompting to stay in gait.

I finally decided to exit the round pen when a paint mare that was in a pen right next to it kept coming over to Willy with her teeth barred and ears back.  Each time around I said NO sternly to her and flicked my whip are her.  Still it's not really a conducive environment to getting work done when another horse is trying to bite mine!

I rode Willy around the property a little, doing a few trot and canter transitions.  Then I called it quits since I was a wuss and pathetic!

The cutest part of a bay horses nose, the inverted triangle!
The pens were very clean today!  I filled up only one wheel barrow with fresh manure!  Two Socks was cute when I entered with the wheel barrow since he wanted his carrot but I wanted to get work done before I gave him, Willy and Misty some carrots.  Misty was laying on the ground all cute and cuddly with her blanket.  And then of course I had to visit the mini's!

Cute Two Socks wanting his carrot
I haven't heard from Laurie in a while since things have been pretty busy for her.  I think if I lease Pstar I will definitely miss Willy and the mini's but I love Pstar so much!  It will be amazing.  Hopefully I can talk with Laurie sometime this week to get details of this down and a contract written up but I know she's closing on the new place this week!  Can't wait to see it!
Misty resting on the ground

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Skippy the Scott said...

Sounds like things are going great with the riding. Love you, sis!