February 24, 2011

Broke to ride....not baroque to ride!

Been looking at ads on Dream Horse for a beginner horse, something friends, husbands etc. could take out on a trail with me and my horse.  Of course I don't know when I'll get that second horse....depends on the boarding costs and what I can afford.  My first priority is getting MY horse first, then I'll consider an older horse that Steve or family can ride!!

But anyhow I saw this ad and nearly fell out of my seat laughing!

"A well mannered mare. She is not baroque to ride. Handles well on the ground with good manners. She has never been lame nor sick. She is a maiden mare."

When I first read that I thought "okay so she's not a flashy dressage horse, that's fine..."  Baroque of course is a style of music, art etc. from the 1600's and early 1700's.  In Dressage Today it's used to describe horses that are Lusitanos, Freisians, Andulusians....big, cresty horses with huge manes and tails.  I think this seller meant that she's not broke to ride.  Still it tickled me.

So did an ad that said the horse was for sale or for trade for something that doesn't eat!  LOL.

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lytha said...

i'm not sure you'll find all the comments i've been adding to your blog as i discovered it tonight, but i wanted you to know i've added you to my favorites list - you have such a wondrous outlook on the world of horses and i found myself laughing and telling my husband about your posts. now to read them all...