February 21, 2011

Much to write about

I have much to write about.  I've seen Willy and had a friends grandson ride him which was a lot of fun.  I've also had a lesson with Divine where Laurie had me canter on the lunge and I fell....oh my gosh the embarrassment!  Then I had a lesson with Pstar where Laurie put a saddle on her and then we did some lunge work.  I was so impressed with how relaxed Pstar was with the saddle....more and more I'm feeling like she's my horse but I can't do anything about claiming her as mine!  Uge!  I will write more soon.  It's late and I should get to bed soon!

Willy with Brandon on board and Rich leading

Pstar walking with the saddle on towards the arena where she did AWESOME!

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