February 26, 2011

Cinching a Western Saddle

Something I need to know since it's pretty different from the english girths.  Any reason why the billet straps are so long?


Mare said...

A lot of people these days like to just buckle the latigo (billet), but in my experience, you have a much better chance of the buckle coming undone. The more traditional way, and the way I prefer to do my latigo is by tying a cinch knot like this:


Of course, it's completely up to your discretion, that's just the way I prefer it personally.

lytha said...

i love the infinite adjustability of a western cinch.

i'm totally scared of using just the buckle if there is one. (although both is ok)

the one i rode on last week was so stiff it was really hard to work with, so tomorow i'm gonna bring some baby powder to see if i can make the leather slide better. never done it, just heard it works.

Christie said...

So how is the girth attached on the far side of the saddle?

Mare said...

The western cinch in attached on the off side by a piece of leather called the short latigo or an off billet. Here's an example:


It has holes (and has some adjustability) so you can buckle your cinch to it and thereby connecting your cinch to your saddle.

barrel saddle said...

Place your saddle slightly forward of where it should sit. Slide it back and settle it so that it is sitting comfortably on the horse's back. The cinch will be hanging down on the right side and the cinch strap will be on the left side of the horse.