January 02, 2011

Frozen but indoors to ride....

I'm a crazy person and decided to get an extra day of riding in on Willy since I wasn't having my lesson on New Years Eve.  It was freezing, I think the thermometer on the bank said 9 degrees F!!!  I decided to just ride Willy inside and just stay mainly at a walk so I didn't have to worry about a sweaty horse in freezing weather.

I was trying out my new winter jodphurs.  They are fleece lined and very soft.  I love them!  Only issue I noticed was when I mounted, I couldn't quite flex my knee the way I normally do so it was harder to get my foot into the stirrup.  I walked Willy around the ring a little bit but then decided that bareback riding might be warmer for my bottom.  It was.  Willy didn't seem to mind the nice lazy day.

I like the little indoor ring here.  It's not much wider than your average round pen and it's double the length.  Susan has a storage area and sitting area in part of the ring so it's not a full rectangle to ride in.  I want to get one of these when we have property.  This isn't a big building and there is nothing really fancy about it.  It's just one of those steel garage type buildings but there is room enough to do a little riding when the weather outside is ucky.

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