January 30, 2011

Darkness Decends

I went out to ride fairly late on Friday.  4:30pm lesson.  I was riding Divine.  She was a bit antzy in the cross ties today, wiggling around and pooing a couple times. 

Today Laurie had me working on keeping collection with Divine and a consistant trot while I posted and sat the trot.  I definitely notice the difference when I ride Divine compared to Willy.  Since Willy doesn't collect much and I'm not a trainer I don't think about collection when I ride him.  I just ride and have fun.  With Divine I get challenged.  I can't wait to have my own horse to take lessons on where both me and the horse are getting challenged and then I can continue on that path during the week on my own!

Divine and I had a few minor arguments while doing some circles but we went pretty well together.  I certainly got a workout! 

Laurie was excited that things were moving forward with the new property and I am estatic for her!  I dream of having land and an indoor arena some day so I know she is just through the roof with excitement!  I can't wait to see the new place!
Pstar in a fly mask from last summer

After I groomed Divine and brought her to the arena with the other mares I visited Pstar.  She was sweet as ever and her sidekick Psylk joined us, her black coat just a shadow.  The only way I could actually "see" her was by a reflection in her eyes.  She was black as the night!  Then all the other mares tried to gather around me and I found myself surrounded by mares in the dark...with the boss mare Sala getting a bit testy that the others were nearby.  I was out of there!  Not a comfortable situation!  Safely on the other side of the fence I gave each mare a carrot and then headed over to see Eksodus. 

Laurie said Eksodus had already been acting much better since the surgery.  When I went over to pet him he came up with his bright eyes twinkling in what little light there was.  A few pets and he made to nip me again.  I tried one more time and he tried nipping again.  Perhaps he still needs more time to mellow or he just senses my timid feelings, I don't like the idea of getting bit.  I don't feel like he respects me and I haven't given him a reason to yet, he always scared me a bit when he went to bit me.  Hopefully as the gelding fully takes effect and he gets put out with the mares he'll start to chill and I can get to know him a little better.  I just don't know what to do around young horses!  I'm certainly not ready for one that's for sure!  Someday I'd love to "raise" one but not anytime soon!

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