December 28, 2010

Arabian Legends

I don't plan on breeding any of my future horses, I'll leave that to the experts.  If I'm really interested in something, like Arabian horses, I like to know all about the subject.  I just recieved this book called Arabian Legends.  It has histories and information about some of the top legendary sires and a few mares.  Aladdin, Khemosabi, Bask, Bay el Bey, Padron and Muscat to name a few!  It's great to learn about the horses and then when I see a horse online I can view the pedigree and know a little bit more about them!  How cool is that!  No matter the breeding though, I want to find a horse I bond with and is right for what I want to do.  He can be from Billy Bob's backyard breeding or a top bred horse with a loaded long as he's healthy!

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