July 21, 2016

The Oasis at Geek Acres

Right on the edge of our property is a little grove of trees.  It's nice and shady most of the time and a perfect relaxing hammock location.  At our house in CO I hung a hammock between our little apple trees and would love just chilling out listening to the wind and birds.  Here it's even more serene being in the country with less traffic noise.

It was over grown with underbrush so Steve got his handy chain saw out and went to work while I helped and hauled some mulch.

It was a lot to trim up and haul away but it's wonderful being all open now!

It's funny our little snake friend came out from the woods to inspect it and curl up on the edge of the shade when we were done.  I didn't want to disturb him so I didn't get a picture, plus we were ready to leave and go shower inside our cool house.

The next weekend after our mulch was layed down we hung up our hammocks.  Steve has a camping one that hugs you and I have a classic woven lounger with wooden ends.  It was very peaceful and well deserved to take a break on afternoon.  Seems all we've done with summer so far is mow and do another project....soon to be posted.

Steve even made hammocks for our beers!  We brought a cooler full of drinks and spent a couple hours napping in "The Oasis".  I'll have to bring a book sometime too.  The horses were in Westeros, the pasture closest to the grove, and were very interested in watching us hammocking.  Chance was also a little curious and worried about Spencer who happened to have a cone on his head because of stitches.

You know what the coolest thing is?  If you build something awesome in your yard...gnomes always seem to find a way to enjoy it with you!


Christine said...

Love it - there's such a big change once you've cleared it; looks great!

Caitlin Collins said...

Aw this is SO nice!! Great job!

Caitlin Collins said...

Aw this is SO nice!! Great job!