July 04, 2016


It has been a long while since I"ve posted!  Been a lot going on with work and working around Geek Acres.  The rains have come and we are fighting weeds plus having lots of good grass grow too.  The ponies are doing very well and living the life of luxury. I can't remember the last time I rode!

They had their spring shots and I just wormed them today.  Flies are a bit of an issue that we are working on.  We have a couple evil horse flies, didn't have that much in dry Colorado.  I'm trying various traps and a concentrated fly spray plus apple cider vinegar too.  Chance is really chill about everything.  I have to worm and he's just like....

Whereas Dani is like.....

So I used a worming bit for her and give her apples after.  It makes it so I don't have deworming juice all over me!

She's always happy afterwards and thinks it wasn't so bad but man....that mare sometimes!  LOL.

We have some unexpected projects coming up which I will post.  They were expected but have been moved to the forefront due to recent activities.  All is going well though, love my job, love my ponies and the little acreage we call home.  I will try to be better about posting now that I have my work schedule figured out.  Plus it's starting to get into the hot and humid season so I may not be out with the horses as often hence more time to blog....about what I'm not so sure...I'll be better though!

Happy 4th of July to my fellow United States friends!

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Mrs Shoes said...

I feel your pain on the heat & humidity - that's our climate (plus harsh winters too... Why do we live here?).
The only thing that really gives our animals relief is a smoky smudge; if we don't get to it early, the horses will bang repeatedly on the barrel calling for their smudge as the day heats up (by noon they really NEED that smudge).
We use rotten bales as fuel, & the smoke will almost choke you, but the horses get relief & that's all that matters to me. The horses will stand almost over top of the barrel to get that smoke & the relief it brings.
We are a loyal customer to one of the best hay producers in the province &, because we have brought him many new & loyal customers over the years, we are so, SO lucky that he donates to us all the rotten bales & anything that cannot be used as feed.
Ask around, maybe you can pick up some garbage hay so that you can try a smudge & see how effective it can be.
Always enjoy reading your posts Christie, glad you are liking your new job & hope this might help Chance & Dani to be more comfortable this summer.