July 09, 2016

Fencing Around the Shed

We decided to expand the fencing around the run-in shed.  Chance has been kicked in the chest in the past and I think this is one area where he can easily get cornered so I wanted to have a full circle of open space around the run-in shed available.  We will be eventually redoing all the fencing (except the wooden fences) to an electric rope.

It looks really nice I think and I may even paint the t posts white so we have a nicer, uniform look.  It was a several hour project so not too difficult.  We still need to build a section of wooden fence and then have a plan for expanding the wormhole.  I'll post on that soon.  We should get some of these little projects done by the end of summer but the next post.....that next one is a doozy though....

I'll leave you hanging with anticipation about that project!!


Mrs Shoes said...

Fencing is a yearly job here, whether construction of new ones or maintaining older ones. We are currently putting in another 1000 feet of post & smooth wire which requires clearing a swath through the bush to do so. Arggggghhhhh.

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