April 02, 2015

Turn that Rear Around

Dani was much calmer when I went out the next time.  I think her issues were with the new horse.  Still I want to get back into regular groundwork with her since it helps us both.  I worked her in the round pen on her long line at the trot.  I've noted that she doesn't turn into me as quickly on her off side so the long line worked well to help me alert her to me signal of stepping and backing.  She got much better.  I'll probably continue this a few times before a full on round pen exercise, I want to instill in her that as soon as I step to the side and back that she is to turn inwards on the circle.

After a about 10 minutes of round pen work I moved onto the turning on the forequarters/disengaging the hindquarters exercise.  The requirement for this exercise was to have her cross her hind leg over her other hind leg and her front inside leg should remain in place, where she just pivots.  We started with one step, then two, then three then four etc.  It went well, I was very please with her.

The next disengaging of the hindquarters exercise is more of a salute.  You make a stalking type circle towards the horses hindquarters and tap with the stick in the air counting 1-4 to make them turn quickly and face you.  The first couple of times you have to whack the horse on the butt at the 4th count to get them to understand.  Then you rub them on the face and butt.  Then you ask again.  Dani learned it quickly at least with minimal whacks on her butt.

The I decide to grab a tumbleweed and attach it to the stick so I could make it "scary" in various places around the round pen.  Nothing phased her!  The tumbleweed crawled up her leg and onto her head.  It wiggled and quickly moved from where it was laying peacefully.  I tried to make it like a darting animal and Dani just blinked.  Really?  Now how am I gonna get her prepared for the real world killer tumbleweed if she doesn't even take this seriously?  

LOL.  Horses!


Mrs Shoes said...

You are trying so hard to desensitize her, such good work, but she seems to be telling you that she knows the difference between weed on a stick & wild, obviously rogue weeds coming at her out of nowhere.
Darn horses, too smart sometimes. :-) haha

Christie Maszki said...

Very true, she's too smart in that sense. Unless of course it wasn't the tumbleweed but something else. Idea: perhaps I can bring a fan out and have hubby toss things in it's path while I work with her. I think honestly just getting her out into the world will be a big help. Getting new trailer tires and then I can haul her where ever!