April 25, 2015

Trailer Loading

M and I took Tuesday afternoon, after our stable shot clinic, to conduct some trailer training with our horses.  What is it about trailering loading that is so darn scary?

1) Confined space
2) It moves
3) It makes noises
4) Separation from the herd, including the owner
5) Trailers used to be aliens that ate horses until humans domesticated them?

Dani has always had an issue with trailer loading but I didn't have a trailer when I got her and figured I could work on it when the time came.  Now that I finally have a trailer in good working order I can!!  She willingly stepped up several times but didn't want to go in.  I worked her outside and away from the trailer then would ask her again.

It went like this for a while with her stepping in and me having to ask again.  A couple times there were some attitude adjustments that I needed to conduct with the mare and she got spanked a couple times but nothing too bad.  Eventually she did go in all the way, turned around and stood.  We ended the training for her there.  I'll pick up next time where we left off and just keep going forward.

With Scotty it was just a matter of getting him used to a new trailer and then the dividers.  M and I worked with him to get the front divider closed.  He was a very good boy.

I was very happy to have M there so we could work together and encourage each other!

The above picture is a reference picture since we will be having the grazing muzzle on Dani everyday.  She'll have it off in the evening and into the night so here's hoping that she will lose a little weight and that this will prevent any founder issues.  So far she's done well but her weight is always a fight, she's such an easy keeper to the point of danger!

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