April 13, 2015

Trot flag

I did a little bit of ground work with Dani today and played with an Italian flag in the wind.  She didn't seem to have an issue with it.  We'll work more with it attached to her at some point and me carrying it while on her back.

We also worked on the trot some more.  It was rough but it's been over a week since we last worked on it.  Consistency will help, I just need to get my butt up in the mornings early enough to ride the pony and still get home to do all the stuff I need to do at home!  Towards the end I did have a really good sitting trot round of circles.

Steering is still really loosy-goosy when it comes to the trot, another thing to work on.  I felt like I was off her mouth more today though and was working really hard to prevent pulling even when she suddenly decides to lurch into her quick speedy trot.  Overall it was a very good ride with her.  It was a wonderful day outside with just a little bit of wind, nothing like we've had the past couple of days.  This past week I only groomed her or had a farrier appointment when I headed to the barn so it was good to get some ride time.  It's slowly greening up so I'm ready to get that grazing muzzle out soon....ugh.

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Mrs Shoes said...

Just curious if you're planning to take any lessons on Dani at all?

I started taking lessons last year after a lifetime of 'just doing it'. After 4 months of weekly lessons (with 2 other riders) I was completely amazed at the dramatic improvement in my skill level & confidence -- here I did it for fun & boy did I get a lot out of it that I didn't even know I could (or should?)improve.
I was also really impressed with the better communication between me & the horse that I had already been riding for 7 years.