May 27, 2014

The Batman/Pony Ride Birthday Party

The Birthday boy was visiting from FL for the weekend with his mom.  We've missed our friends so it's nice to get to see them.  Ashley and I had started planning the party, I was able to get the KCRC clubhouse and suggested pony rides.  She was all about that!

There were only two little kids that rode Dani, Liam was one and he was all smiles!  The other children were too little.

Ashley was all smiles too.  She loves Dani but didn't ride since she's expecting.  But loving on the pony is totally fun too!

Dani investigated Ashley to see if she had any treats.  Nope.  :-(

I borrowed "buddy stirrups" from a friend.  They are little stirrups on a strap that loop around the saddle horn.  Liam and the other cowboy held on tight to the horn and friends walked along side as I led Dani in a circle and around some barrels.  Dani was a good girl but at first wasn't sure about moving off at the walk with people still standing at her sides.

This picture of Liam is so cute.  The Contemplative cowboy!

My friend Michael had never made it out to see Dani so this was the first time meeting her and the first time she'd ever been on a horse!  I had no idea!  She was delighted.  Perhaps when Steve and I get a second horse we can encourage Michael to come and learn to ride!

Little kids and big kids alike had a great time.  I think the pony rides were a hit.  How it related to the Batman Theme?  Who knows....but does it really matter?


Terry said...

Good girl, Dani!

Kit Marie SavvyEquus said...

Cute!! Pony rides are so much fun :D