May 13, 2014


Here I thought we were finally going to get some nice spring weather.  The grass has begun to green up and my pony is nearly shed out for summer.  Well Mother Nature felt it necessary to remind us that winter is ALWAYS coming.  We had a cold Sunday that followed a gorgeous Saturday.  Then the first couple days of this week have been blustery and cold.

For a bit Dani went out into the field to graze on the grasses but after only being out for ten minutes she rushed back into her pen to get her hay under the shed row.  She was sprinkled with snow.  I dried her with some towels and loved on her in the comparative warmth.  This weekend will have better weather, here's hoping.  I have plans to attack the roofing of the trailer if my materials arrive in time.


L.Williams said...

Send California your inclement weather plz!

Christie Maszk said...

I sure wish I could! After two fires and flooding in our area I feel for our neighbors in CA. Stay safe!

Terry said...

What a difference a few days make!