May 12, 2014


May 11th is Dani and I's Barn-aversary!  We started our journey together at Whispering Winds, a gorgeous barn up near Monument but that was just too far to drive for me!  Particularly in the winter!

We later moved to an icky barn and then 6 days later landed at Kit Carson Riding Club.  It's a self care barn and though I was worried it would be too much driving and time for me it's worked out nicely.  I still want my self care barn in my backyard but that will come soon enough.  For now there is Dani, 6 paso finos, Daves horses and baby bunnies to enjoy this facility with me.  Nice horses and nice owners, always willing to lend a hand when I go out of town....and visa versa.

Dani and I plan on staying here for the time being, I'm contemplating moving in the fall to a place with an indoor.  By then I may have my trailer up and good to go and my mare loading well.  Perhaps then hauling to an indoor arena won't feel like traveling to the end of the world.  We shall see.  For now we are content.  Happy Barn-aversary my girl!


L.Williams said...

Happy Barnversary!

Terry said...

Happy Barnaversary!