April 22, 2014

Spring Trimming

With spring and muddy weather starting in Colorado I decided to tidy up Dani's feet.  I wanted to check her skin too and make sure no issues were starting.  Thankfully she's healthy as a horse!  LOL.

This picture above shows how her fetlocks get in the winter (this was from when I was at Whispering Winds).  They get very fuzzy and keep her warm.

I am so not good at trimming fetlocks, I may need to get a different blade.  I have a 10 which is nearly to the skin and then one that I use to trim my dog which is a 5 I think.  It's a little too long.  I need to find one that will leave about a fourth of an inch of fur so it's close but not skin close.

Overall I did okay.  If you look really close you can see rougher looking edges and I'm sure I could have contoured the fur a little better but her fetlocks look cleaner now.  Dani is very good about getting trimmed at least.  I still did a quick desensitizing to the trimmers.  I moved the clippers around her body, touched her with it on both sides and all areas.  She was fine with it...good girl.

The only issue was with trimming her ear.  She gets a really long tuft at the base that I wanted to trim up.  Dani didn't like the trimmers near her ear but I held them up there until she moved her head downwards and I was able to trim her ear hair.  Since it was just a small tuft at the bottom of each ear it didn't take to long trim.  With fresh oil on her hooves my mares legs look neat and trim.  


Kalin Ann said...

I need to do the same thing soon. Maybe today when the farrier comes! Red's weird and loves getting trimmed, the buzzing type noise always puts him right to sleep and he lowers his head to let us trim the bridlepath and ears. He's a weirdo. Spirit, however, is terrible. ;)

Emmi said...

Yay for spring trimmings!