April 02, 2014

Refresher Ride

Occasionally the weather is nice and then we have a bout of snowy weather.  Oh spring in Colorado.  The other day was nice so I got out the western saddle, dusted it off and wiped the bridle too.  Dani and I went for a little ride in the arena.

I'm having mounting issues with keeping my left hand on Dani's neck and reins and the right hand steadying the saddle.  She is always taller feeling too with the western saddle, I don't think I have this issues as much with the dressage saddle.  LOL. I feel like my appendages aren't long enough to reach where they need to reach.  Plus with regular jeans I have trouble getting my left foot in the stirrup.  Time to bring out the jods I'm thinking; nice stretchy fabric.  Dani was better about standing still for the mounting, I only had to move her in a circle once and then after I said whoa if she thought about moving and she listened.

We walked around the ring relaxing.  I had Dani flex to both sides and worked on halts.  She responds really well with just the seat.  I love that it can be a long time between rides and yet she's still a good girl.

We also did a few trotting spouts.  I'm still facing that fear of any speed.  Being mostly off this winter hasn't helped since I haven't had as much saddle time but as this weather gets nicer that will change.  Dani has a big ground covering trot, I haven't even started to try sitting trot.  Dani's responsive at the trot but I can feel our tension.  Something to work on.  It's good to be back in the saddle and here's hoping the weather and all my other obligations will allow me to ride more often this spring and summer.

After our ride I kept Dani tied while I finished some chores like setting out her hay and tidying the stall.  Even after a grooming the mare just has to shake and there is dust all over her again!!!  Anyhow I think it's good for her to realize that right after her ride doesn't automatically mean feed time.  She stood very well with little stomping and showing of impatience.

Dani is such a good girl lowering her head to get the halter off, something we have worked on for a year and something she learned really quickly. A couple weekends ago I was holding Dani's lead while talking with Lisa, one of the few English riders in the club, and Dani kept trying to get me to remove the halter.  She lowered her head near my hips and softly nudged me a couple times.  It was so cute.  When she realized that we weren't taking her halter off she went back to grazing.

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Kalin Ann said...

Sounds like a good refresher ride. :) Dani looks like such a sweetheart!