April 23, 2014

Sleepy pony

At KCRC I've not seen Dani  laying in the sun.  I’m sure she does a lot but she here’s the gate and my car and knows it’s either play or food time.  Well today for some reason she was laying down, flat on her side, when I drove up.  It gave me a start because at first I wondered if she was sick.  She wasn’t, she rolled onto her stomach and chest to look at me.  I walked up slowly and swung between her pen railings and pat her soft forelock.

She was obviously still waking up, she must have been fast asleep dreaming of handsome Friesians or cute appaloosa boys.  Who knows.  It’s fun to love on her when she’s laying down.  I feel the trust from her, she knows I’m not going to do anything to her.  She eventually got up as I went into the back to get ready for some round pen work.  I noticed on her offside hock that sore developing again.  The ground has become compacted and hard again.  It could use more sand I’m sure so I’ll have to get going on redoing her pen to prevent her hock sores from coming back. 

I may be looking for another boarding place soon though I've enjoyed KCRC there are things in my life that may begin making it more difficult since the self care situation isn't in my backyard but a 25 minute drive away.  I can envision us being here until fall but things may change if we put our house on the market!!!!  Yep…hoping to sell our house and perhaps buy or lease horse property!!!  It’s a pipe dream but the housing market is getting better, we shall see!!

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L.Williams said...

So cute when they are sleeping.