February 21, 2013

Eez Snow!!!

I dropped by to see Daenerys as the snow was slowly coming into the Colorado Springs area.  She'd finished up her week of Sand Clear so I had to make up her next days of supplements.  She still gets her Vitamins and Minerals every day and just a bit of grain, senior grain with a sweet smell.

She always looks cute with the snow on her mane but I had issues with first using my iPhone (the usual "camera" of late) and secondly Rock and the buckskin horse (don't know they name).  Trying to get in my space and herd Dani away from me.  Urg!!!  February and March seem to be the snowy months on the Front Range, perhaps I can get out with my SLR camera on a snowy weekend and get some cute pictures of Dani sans the blanket.
We so need this snow.  As I type I've received 4-4.5 inches of snow at my house.  Where Dani is she has most likely received more.  I'll be on snowball duty tomorrow I have a feeling but we'll see.  If it warms enough it won't be an issue.  Weather in Colorado changes so fast!


S. Lauren said...

So cute with the snow on her back!

Ruffles said...

Love that first pic!!