February 26, 2013


Today I went to see Dani after a weekend of blizzardy conditions.  It was time for her worming, poor baby.  Even though it's apple flavored she was not very happy about getting the medication.  Her head was high and the whites of her eyes showed as I pressed on the worming tube plunger.  Once the evil paste was in her mouth and she was liking her lips I grabbed my back of carrots and got them ready for her to devour to rid her mouth of the horrible taste.  Neon green, as in the corner of her mouth below, was smeared all over as she grabbed at her juicy carrots.

I moved on to grooming her, I needed a nice long horse grooming session today.  I found an itchy place on her whithers where the blanket normally rests.  She was making the cutest little face, her upper lip was extending way beyond her lower lip as her head came down and her ears relaxed.  She was so happy it seemed!

I just cannot believe the copious amounts of fur that are already coming of my little mare!  It's only February but the days are getting longer and the hair is coming off.  She needs her hair!!  It's cold in February!  Luckily the nice blanket she has will keep her warm.

Are other horses out there shedding like crazy?  I was covered in hair after the grooming session but I think Dani enjoyed getting the blanket off for a bit and having some itchy spots scratched.  I also brushed out the blanket to get rid of itchy hairs and then static guarded the inside.  Hopefully she'll be shock free as well!  My mare always makes my day!


Marissa said...

My pony was also shedding a lot today, I'm concerned because its between 60-70 during the day and quite warm in the sun, but dropping to between 30 and 40 at night with cold wind, that's a hefty difference and my pony has no blanket!

Emmi said...

Ava has been shedding quite a bit even if we keep getting snow!

Cindy D. said...

I want to start shedding my horses out but am waiting as long as I can. Weather is way to unpredictable where I live.

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

Do you really have a choice to "shed them out"? My mare is just dropping hair with just a regular grooming, I'm not stripping or anything like that. I wish I could glue it back on for now too!