January 13, 2013

Serene Sunday

Today I spent the day taking care of my many other critters. Shaved my dog, did the litter box cleaning for my kitty and applied a salve to my little dogs dry nose. Then I began with my 55 gallon tropical aquarium.

Plants before

Plants after

The planted tropical aquarium needed major pruning since the plants were doing REALLY well.

I got three baby angels to introduce to the living room school. They are SO freakin cute!

My 10 gallon bedroom tank, used as a hospital tank houses Saphira my silver/gray goldfish. She got a nice water change and algae was removed from the glass so we could see her cute self!

Crabitat before

I also re-did the Crabitat (I have 4 purple pinchers and 3 Eucudorian hermit crabs). I used to have a larger pool with salt water on one side and fresh on the other but I think there was a leak and both waters became brackish. So I now have smaller pools that are separate with dry live rock for each which creates climbing for the crabs to drink or take a dip. Subsequently they have a bit more room for burrowing in the sand!
Crabitat after

This one above is Nori I think. They change shells so often and then spend weeks buried in the sand that sometimes I can't tell who's who. He's quite the happy critter.

Now the crabitat has more of a tide pool look but not the ultimate 90 gallon tank I will make in a few years.

I also freshened up the spider, Shelobs, lair. She was a very happy spider in her fresh coconut husk litter. I texted Liz and she said that Dani was doing fine and didn't have snowballs on her hooves. Today is really cold and after getting lots of work done I plan to try and have a serene Sunday. I'll go play with Dani tomorrow even though it will still be freezing cold still!!


Emmi said...

Wow your aquariums are beautiful!

Martine said...

Goodness you have a lot of critters! Your aquariums are fab, you look after them really well.

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

You sure do have a lot of creatures, the fish are just gorgeous :) Gotta say I find thme all interesting except for the ... spider :L