January 12, 2013

My Present From Braymere!!!

A while back I was excited because a fellow blogger over at Braymere Custom Saddlery, a gal who makes the most awesome model horse tack, was giving away free model horses...beat up ones. She wanted people to tell her what they would like from her collection and she would see what she could do. Well my email described that I just wanted heads!

My husband brews beer and thinks it would be cool to make the tap handles horse heads to combine our two hobbies. I received this draft horse for his draft beers....LOL. Jennifer over at BCS added some details to the forelock, carved out the ears, and nostrils and added some texture to the fuzzy face of this drafty steed. She did a lot of work fixing the head as it was a resin that was not cast right. All I have to do is paint him and ta-da we'll have our first tap handle horse head!

One of my good friends commented on Facebook that I should place the horse head on Steve's side of the bed. Hmmm....I really don't think this has the same effect as the horse head in The Godfather.....what do you all think?

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