December 03, 2012

Random Happenings

Yesterday when I went out to see Dani wanted to try the bridle I have.  While I was starting to unbuckled the straps of Dani's blanket (not sure why it was still on her but at least she wasn't sweaty) I heard the clip clop of hooves go down the aisle.  It was a lone palomino horse, sans handler.  He'd been eating food in a bucket, untied in the other wash rack making Dani sort of start at seeing him as we passed by.  Apparently he's the owners horse, one of many, and he is usually just released into the stable to go to the stable number 19 to eat his food but when Floro works he feeds him in the wash rack.  I didn't know this at the time to grabbed a lead rope and walked up to him.  He turned to me so I could loop the rope around him.  As I was walking back to the wash rack I saw Floro and he laughed saying he was trying to get to his stall, Floro speaks English alright but sometimes I have a little trouble understanding him.  I released the big boy back to his paddock since he was done with his food.  Cute pony!
I can never get Dani clean enough, running a moist cloth over her helps get the fine dust that seems to constantly stick to her hairs but as soon as she shakes her body or you pat her there is a big cloud of dust.  I fed her a few treats, but to avoid the issue with her mouthing my pockets and hands I have this little bucket in which to place her treats.

Of course I had to use stencils again and do the cute little designs along with her name.  I may be in my 30's but this is my first my little pony!  LOL. 
Floro, the groom came by and gave Dani a little handful of treats.  He asked if she needed grain, I told him perhaps a vitamin supplement eventually.  Right now I'm researching what may benefit her, Sand Clear once a month for sure but I want to make sure that she gets all the vitamins she needs since right now all she gets is grass hay or pasture.  She doesn't need much food and when I poked her in the stomach stating that to Floro he laughed.  He's nice, I just have trouble understanding him sometimes and feel bad about that.

I tried out the bridle, Dani was perfect about taking the bit and when I went to adjust the bridle I realized that the headstall is too big, the bit hung pretty low in her mouth. I have to swap out this one with my cob sized one, though I have a new bridle on my "to buy list". This mare cracks me up. She has a more delicate head and a rotund's been a process trying to figure out tack sizes for her.
In other news I have a hat.  I decided I needed a hat.  Even when my hair is in a pony tail little wisps of hair come out and tickle me, I needed to put a stop to this!! So I found a crushable western hat, it has a lanyard and a fold up ear cover for cooler temps.  I love it and where low pig tails underneath.  I feel cute and my hubby likes it too.  Dani doesn't seem to care either way.  Although I received a couple compliments at the barn, one from Phebe and one from Liz, the owners of the place.

Dani's leg is looking good and her little bald spot on her rump is filling in with hair again!  The last couple of times I went out to see Dani I worked a little more intensely on leading, haven't started the Clinton Anderson because I need to make sure I have plenty of time with no "appointments" later.  The last session we had she really responded well.  I don't know if it was because I'd re-watched the Julie Goodnight show on leading and knew better what to do or because I put on the rope halter but she listened a little better and turned away from me better.  She's been in people's space for who knows how long so it will take some time until she's perfect but each day I feel she's gotten better.

I lead her over a set of matts near a trailer in the parking lot.  At first she skirted around them, they must have looked like a black hole to her.  Repetition is the word of the day, after a couple mini sessions she had no issue with it really.  I love leading her around and having her see something new that we can play with.  One day it was that flag, the other day it was the matts...there is always something new and interesting that your horse can be exposed to.

The last time I was out at the barn someone fell, everyone here wears helmets but there are other areas to injure.  The fall was pretty serious since a fire engine and then an ambulance showed up.  Apparently her horse spooked and bucked, you can never predict that.  So scary.  I didn't see it happen but was out leading Dani as the trucks arrived.  I didn't want to stand around and watch, they don't need on-lookers so I worked Dani far away from the outdoor arena.  Hopefully she'll be okay.  One gal said she was in a lot of pain and couldn't feel her legs so she couldn't get up.  Hopefully that's just the shock of concussion on her body and she didn't do major damage.

It still makes you think.  Anything can happen around horses.  It's better to be as safe as possible.  Wear a helmet at the very least.  I see a lot of the jumpers here wearing that padded vest too.  Very smart!  Granted we can't wrap our bodies in bubble wrap so other injuries can happen.  I will hopefully hear more on the gal next time I'm out at the barn.  Stay safe everyone!

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Ruffles said...

I love Dani's treat bucket! How cool :)
I hope the person who fell off is ok. Sounds very scary.