December 27, 2012

Missing My Pony

I haven't been to the barn much lately.  Well actually I've gone most days for 30 minutes or so, enough to love on Dani, clear her feet if there have been snow balls (only twice since I last wrote) and untangle her mane/tail. 

There has been a lot going on with the family and lots to do!  Cierra leaves on Saturday around the same time as the family gathering at my parents.  So we will all be up there for that, I'll swing by Dani's home on the way to my parents to check on her.  We've gone dog sledding and then Christmas Eve and Day were busy doing family stuff.

Each holiday morning I escaped to the barn for a short time to see Dani, about an hour round trip driving from the house, not bad but when you are limited on time it makes it tough.  I didn't get to spend enough time to ride or work with her and I don't want to feel rushed when I'm out there, no deadlines or return times please. 

So it's just been quick hellos.  I love her so much!  Each time I see her she makes me happy!

Her leg is doing fine and all the meds she needed were taken, quite well for tasting so ucky.  She hasn't shown much issue with the leg either and I don't feel any swelling in the area.

This is a quick post since there is not much to write about, so I will leave you with these pictures above and below to content yourselves until I can get out and ride and then write!

And a couple horse related presents for Dani and me.  First Aid book and a Bit basics training kit by Julie Goodnight!


Emmi said...

Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to go dog sledding! Also I love your gifts :)

AmberRose- Girl With a Dream said...

I have always wanted to try dog sledging since I saw it on a film it looks and sounds so fun! I love your gifts and the pictures hopefully you'll get some more quality horse time soon