December 19, 2010

After the fall....

This weekend was icky for weather.  Friday was cold and I didn't ride....I know, I'm a wus!  I have winter riding pants and boots on my Christmas list though!  I want to get all the gear I need to ride no matter the weather.  Then Saturday it was icky but the day got warmer and sunny around the time I would have been out riding...darn it, I should have gone!

Sunday, today, was beautiful.  I went to see Willy.  We approached me and nuzzled my hand as I came up to him.  What a sweet boy!  He didn't mean to take off on my last week now did he!  I brought him out to tack him up, first removing his blanket.  The blanket he wears is not thick, it actually reminds me of a shell people wear while skiing.  He was a little sweaty underneath and I question the need for the blanket except maybe at night or during a really cold day, he has a nice fluffy winter coat.  I need to learn more about when to blanket and when not to.  The area I was tacking him was again left a mess, piles of manure that I cleaned up before I even got to grooming Willy. 
I've been wondering if I need a wider bit for Willy...what do you think?
Then I got him groomed up and tacked and headed to the arena.  There was a grey mare in there since he owners were here mucking her stall.  It was pretty busy at the stable today, several mothers with their daughters doing horsie stuff.  What fun!  I mounted up outside the arena, my first attempt Willy moved around in a circle so I got down and continued moving him around in a tight circle.  Then I made him stand and mounted up, once on he moved off without me asking so I stopped him and stood for a bit.  I need to get a game plan for this, I'll have to ask Laurie what is the best way to handle his moving on while I try to mount.  Most times I've been fine and able to stay balanced but what  nuisance, some day I could get hurt by it.

I rode Willy around the outside of the ring and then noticed a little girl on a grey loping up to us, she asked if she could join us.  What could I say?  We rode around the arena, walks, trots and a little bit of cantering.  She went on about how she used to ride Willy but then didn't want to anymore, she likes Misty and rides her.  She loved to canter and asked if I wanted to race, I don't think that is such a good idea I said.  Eventually her mom got her and I guess took her back to her sister to have her help take up their mare. 

I went into the arena and did some walk, trot and canter transistions with Willy.  I got a few nice canters where the gait was nice and smooth and I was relaxed and following Willy's back with ease.  It felt great!  I still worked on getting his head down at the walk.  It didn't work so well at the trot, I'll have to do some more lunging to work on that. 

After the riding was done and I'd put Willy back I went to go pick up some of his piles that he'd created.  While backing out the wheel barrow I got tangled in another and completely fell over, flailing about.  The mothers all got up and asked if I was okay.  I said I was, bright red, and that I was more embarrassed than anything else.  Oh my gosh!  I am such a clutz!  Later I fed Willy, Two Socks and the two Mini's some carrots and said my goodbyes.  Nice day all in all!

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Breathe said...

Those wheel barrows are very, very sneaky.

I asked the same question about blanketing on my blog. Given the answers I'm not going to blanket my horses unless it's windy and wet in the 20s.