October 24, 2010

Wild and Crazy mares....ah, not really

Since I missed last weeks lesson I was happy to arrive at the stable and see the mares in the arena.  Little Psylk was the first one to greet me.  She has very soft eyes and is a sweetheart.  I was surprised that Pstar wasn't coming up to me but Sala was right there and since she's the boss mare that may have been why.  I greeted Divine and brought her in to groom.  She was wiggly as usual.  Seems right when I put her in the cross ties she starts to paw a little, she wants to get this over with and done so she can do other things I'm guessing. 

While Laurie and I awaited her girls bringing in the mares we got to enjoy the show of Brownie and Sala galloping around the arena in a mock panic.  Apparently they are usually the first to be brought into the stable and since they were the last left it was quite upsetting!  It is pretty impressive that the mares can run around with such gusto and spirit yet be caught and led away calmly by young girls.  Sala wasn't led into the stable with quite the calmness I describe, she pranced a bit with her head high and her tail arched.  Though she was prancing about she was 100% under control.  I love Arabs! 

Legacy of Roses aka Legs
My lesson was on the lungeline and Laurie had me working on posting trot.  I do lose my leg a bit while posting, and tend to put my toes down, so we worked on that.  I certainly felt the pull in my ankles as I tried to keep the toes pointed in and up with my heels being nice and down...of course all the while trying to remain relaxed with my knees like springs.

When I started off I wasn't do quite as well but eventually found my stride so to speak.  I just need to think about sinking into my heels and feeling the pull on the back of my calves, that helps to find the position.  I seemed to trot forever in lunge circle, as Laurie said building up my endurance.  I can't imagine how long I'll be posting the trot in an endurance race, even just the limited distance at 25 miles seem daunting to me!  I need to get in shape just as much as the horse!

After I groomed Divine I visited the other mares with carrots.  Brownie has soft gentle lips as does Sala.  For Sala it's amazing how gentle she is given she is HUGE for an Arabian.  She's 16 hands I think, I think I recall Laurie saying that but even though she's a big girl she is still a refined looking Arab.  That's what's nice about this breed.  Pstar and Psylk were in the outer stall together, so I was able to give my beloved Pstar a carrot and say hello since she oddly wasn't the first at the gate this morning.

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