October 17, 2010

Cavalia Oct 9, 2010

I purchased tickets for Steve and I to go see Cavalia that was touring.  The show was in Denver at the Pepsi center but in their own tents.  It was a pretty elaborate set up.  The seats were more comfortable than I thought they would be since it was set up like bleachers but they were like the nicer horse arena seating so it worked well.  We didn't get the top price tickets so we didn't get a tour of the stables to meet the horses but I wasn't quite willing to pay THAT much.  We had seats in a fairly center area, Row H so not very far back at all.  We had a great view for the show.

Cavalia started off as the story of man and horse, the history of man is accompanied by his ally the horse.  The opening scene was of a gorgeous stallion being spotted by a dancing girl who seems more fairy than human.  She danced around a "pond" and sent the horse galloping.  At times they were dancing and then she lifted her hands to his muzzle in a first touch.  Sure the horses are trained but the whole show was touching.  People don't realize the fragile connection that humans and horses have.  That bond can be broken and shattered, I'm sure people who work at rescue centers know that all too well.

There was trick riding and bareback riding.  There were scenes where one girl was in a herd of 7 horses, mostly stallions and was able to make them run in sync around the stage and step in harmony with each other.  It was eye candy for a horse lover.  I think even one who wasn't too enamour with horses would fall in love with there beauty.  Where else in the animal world can one find such a strong and spirited beast with a heart and eye so soft?  So grand and magnificent yet kind and gentle?  Words cannot even describe how amazing this show was!

There were several Arabians in the show, including some quarter horses, Percherons and Belgians but the show stealer's were definitely the baroque Lusitanos.  Templado, the most famous Lusitano in the show, had a mane that nearly touched the ground and a tail to boot.  Being able to grow a horses mane so long is an accomplishment, you'd be amazed at how easily a horse will rub there manes and break the hairs so it seems there hair never grows!  I was blown away!!!  You couldn't take pictures in the show so I took some of black and white banners that were in the "foyer" area of the tent.  I could see this show again....easily!

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lytha said...

cavalia is my very favorite equine show - nothing else comes close.

the opening act, the playful foals playing with toys, the dancer and the pond with the stallion, the PLAYING - everything was done in play, together, nothing forced, it was unreal.

they even came to duesseldorf and my man took me, and even a non-horsey person can get into this.

the part i liked least was stunt riding. the part i liked most was the free play.