September 07, 2010

Silly Saddles

I've been on the lookout for odd tack, funny tack...anything that would work for the blogger of Tacky Tack.  Hopefully she got the email I sent with these two pictures below but if not maybe she'll hear about this post and do a blog about these silly saddles.

The first is a saddle made by Wintec, I'm sure it was long ago.  Today they might hang their head in shame having this image come back to haunt them.  I have to say the Wintec saddles I've tried have been very comfy and I seriously want to check them out when I buy a new saddle for my future horse....of course the saddle will be in all black!

This other saddle was a velveteen fabric.  I honestly don't know what to say!  It's been at Equiline, a used tack store in the Colorado Springs area, for a while now....about 6 months or more!  Don't get me wrong they have a lot of nice saddles, these are the only two I've seen that have been a bit "odd".  I love the store and glad I was able to snap these pics.

Of course this last saddle makes me think of every horse lovers dream!  I know this is always on my Christmas wish list!

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