September 24, 2010


What an awesome lesson today!  Laurie had me on the lunge line with Divine and we mainly worked on relaxation.  She had me work in the 2 point position while keeping my legs relaxed and not pinching with my knees.  She had Divine transition from walk to trot and back again.  During the beginning I tilted forwards in the 2 point because my legs were indeed gripping but slowly as the lesson progressed my legs began to relax. 

I did sitting trot then 2 point and then sitting trot again, all the time concentrating on my legs and relaxation.  It's amazing how different your seat feels when you are more relaxed.  Your body can truly go with your horse instead of tensing up and flailing about (yeah I never do that! ;-)  )   Later we worked on posting trot with the emphasis on keeping my legs and body relaxed.  Transitions and change in "type" of seat really are times when tension can creep in and ruin a steady seat.  The more relaxed your body is the less likely you are to actually fall.  Makes sense once you are on the horse and feel it!
Hi Brownie, how are you doing?

After the lesson I gave all the mares carrots.  Divine was very excited about the carrots and kept moving Brownie off so I had to go around to the far end of the arena to get Brownie her goodies.  The other mares pretty much took their turns at getting the treats.  Laurie has decided to take Brownie off the market and keep her as a broodmare/riding mount.  She's a sweet mare and apparently a favorite of her kids so it was a good decision.  I'm heartbroken that Pstar is going to be sold, though I understand the reasoning behind Laurie's decision.  I'll just have to soak up the sweet loving personality of Pstar while I can.  Again I'm not in a position where I feel comfortable buying a horse, as I've said in previous posts, otherwise I'd be tempted to purchase her but the price is a little high for what I want to spend on a horse.  Pstar is of excellent breeding and would be an excellent broodmare, something I doubt I'd ever use one of my horses for, so the price is actually cheap for the wonderful mare she is.  I have to keep reminding myself that my horse will come, someday.  I don't want to spend more than $5k.  Granted I may not find a horse with the bloodlines of Laurie's horses and it may end up being a part Arab but that's fine with me, I'm not looking for a breeding prospect or a champion show horse just someone to love and with whom I can share the trail ride of life.

Anyways, I wandered over to Laurie and Eksodus.  Laurie was scratching his withers area and he was in seventh heaven.  Eksodus leaned into the scratch and arched his neck in complete happiness.  I worked on his rear end and he seemed to like that.  He's a beautiful boy, so elegant and tall at only a year old.  His mane is becoming more flaxen each time I see him.  He's just gorgeous! horse will come...I have to keep reminding myself. 

What a relaxing day.  It started with a lesson that felt almost like a yoga session and ended with my husband and I getting nice hour long massages....can't find anything to complain about that!

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