September 20, 2010

Loss of a Mini-Friend My Gerbil Benny

I haven't posted in a while but I have several horse posts in the "queue", I was planning on writing some this afternoon but a small little friend passed away today.  Benny (Bennigan) was one of two gerbils Steve and I purchased 3 years ago.  Earlier this year we put his friend Nibbler down since he had a huge tumor and infection going on.  Nibbler passed away in his sleep last night.  Yesterday he was running around, chewing on cardboard and snacking on seeds; I guess it was his time and I'm glad he went peacefully.

I know this is a horse blog but I love all critters, big and small and each has a special place in my heart.  I'll post my recent horse blogs soon I'm just not in the spirits to do so right now.  Every creature that has crossed my path and shared their life with me, has become a part of me so that when they pass on it's always hard to say goodbye.  Benny will be missed but I hope that somewhere he and Nibbler are cuddling in soft tissue paper shreds somewhere.  Give your critters (large or micro) a hug and kiss everyday, they are precious.

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