August 29, 2010

Itchy is the Word of the Day

I visited Willy on Sunday as usual.  I was a little disappointed that my friend Jessica who was visiting us this weekend had hurt her foot, therefore she could not join me to ride.  We had been excited to have her ride Riddle or some other horse and go riding together.  I think last time we rode together was in early high school!  Alas, she and her husbanded headed to their Air force posted home in Wyoming and then I came out to see Willy.  I was still pretty tired so I figured I wouldn't ride too long. 

View from the indoor riding ring towards the south and Willy's pen

It was nice to get Willy and groom him, the whole barn was vacant and I left the radio off so it was just the sound of wind blowing and the methodical sound of the curry comb that I was listening to.  Willy was particularly dusty today, each curry brought up more dirt on his coat.  I worked extra hard with the flick brush, going over the coat multiple times trying to get the dirt out of his hair.  I undid the braids in his mane, he had what looked like the remnants of a running braid that was beginning to turn into knots.  I got out the comb and tried to comb through some sections but decided that with the breeze going through the ring it was a losing battle.  I finished tacking him up and then led him out to the smaller outdoor ring.

We walked and trotted a little in the ring.  Willy wasn't really wanting to move forward much and I was too tired to keep my leg on him with any force so I led him out of the ring into the area around the arena in hopes that we could walk around the arena with a little more momentum.  It worked.  We mainly walked and trotted and I continued to work on halts with him.  It really is a struggle but as we continued he got quicker and quicker in his stop response.  I then had him canter up the slopes a few time, I think we both enjoyed that!  The canter is certainly my favorite gait but I think it's most peoples.  Of course Willy is not very collected so it's not as smooth and balanced as it could be but I'm not a horse trainer and don't know how to work on him with collection issues.  Most Sundays I just want to hang around a horse and have fun.

Itchy, itchy, itchy!

Ah yes, right it!

After riding for a bit I took him into the indoor ring and rubbed him down, gave him a couple carrots and led him back to his run.  He did his usual scratching motions, twisting around to reach his rear legs like a dog would.  I laughed at him and told him the Native Americans were accurate in calling horses big dogs, since they didn't have a word for horse.  Willy was so cute, in between scratches he came over to sniff at me as I squatted down to get a better vantage point of his antics.

I wandered over to the grooming area near Riddle's stall, said hi to him of course since his little ears pricked up under his ear bonnet.  I also went over to the dark bay/black Arabian of the next door neighbors.  He was beautiful so I talked with him and stroked his soft face.  He seemed to soak in the attention with great splendor.  After some time I had to get back and get my tack sorted, plus I wanted to bring the carrots over to Willy and his two run mates; Two Socks another light bay and Silver (I think) a grey horse.  Willy was very grabby with the carrots, so I ended up putting a bunch in the hay bin and then gave some to Two socks and Silver in peace.  I then hugged on Willy as he went back to his hay, went to gather my tack up and headed home to crash...well shower first then crash.

The Mystery Horse

I love how worries and even tiredness go away when I'm with a horse. A sweet soft muzzle touches my hand and I am transported to a simple world of hay, leather and warmth. Even when the ride is not "perfect" a day with a horse beats any day without one.

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JAC said...

Next time we'll make it happen! My foot will heal someday!