August 29, 2010

Of Flies and Railings...

I had my lesson on Divine this week, after missing last Friday I felt like I had been away from the stable for a really long time.  I rode on Saturday at 4:30pm, a completely new time for me but I had been at a conference for work on Friday.  I went into the arena to get Divine, as usual Pstar was the first mare to approach and greet me.  She is such a sweetheart, I wish I could just take her home with me!  I headed over to Divine, stroking her neck and rubbing her chest as I asked her how she'd been and told her I missed her.  She had a small wound on her chest, smaller than a quarter but I figured I'd ask Laurie when I saw her what I could put on it. 
Divine getting ready to be groomed and tacked up
I was working on grooming her and tacking her up when Laurie showed up with a truck full of fresh hay.  Silly me I didn't quite greet her as I should have, one of the first things out of my mouth was what to put on Divine's chest.  It wasn't an emergency, I laugh now at myself (How rude!), what must Laurie think!  Laurie had new fly spray so she sprayed down Divine, the insects were particularly pesty today.  When there weren't many others sounds to hear I swear I could hear a general hum of buzzing flies, evil insects.

Divine watching Laurie and Legs
My lesson was a bit frustrating.  I was pretty tired from having a really long day on Friday and my mind stayed a bit preoccupied.  I ended up in the arena railing several times, obviously my thought was "Why is Divine doing this to me?" but truth be told I was turning her neck hard away from the railing but that essentially pushed her into it. I was apparently asking for leg yielding, unbeknownst to me!  I was getting so frustrated!  Divine also had some irritations with what Laurie suspected were some micro gnats.  Divine seemed to have an irritation in her ears and was shaking her head a lot.  After a good scratching session with Laurie she seemed a bit better.  The lesson progressed, getting much better with some pretty nice trots down the long ends of the ring and trying to stay in a straight line (very difficult) at the same time.  I'm sure Divine realized I was not quite with it so took a little advantage but overall was a very good girl.  I was riding with my mind elsewhere, which is not a good idea.  It was a good lesson though, certainly not the really difficult lessons I have had in the past, just more of a Murphy's law situation (If I think about not wanting to hit the fence I will drive the horse into the fence, go figure).  We did end on a good note with Divine very collected and responsive and a nearly perfect halt, top hats off to us!
Pstar looking at what Laurie was doing with the hay in the truck
After I groomed Divine down and set her in the paddock I greeted the other mares in their stalls, with carrots of course!  Pstar was very elegant with her swan neck and tapered head.  Brownie (Mystic Magic) was cute as ever with her welcoming ears and big blaze and Sala was ever majestic with her head over the stall waiting patiently for her carrot and pat.  Psylk was in one of the outdoor stalls, I had run out of carrots but went to go pet her.  She kind of put her head over my shoulder like she was going to scratch my "withers" for me.  It was very cute.  I then walked out to view Divine and the stallions.  The light was at a nice angle, really making me wish I had my nice SLR camera with me to shoot some photos of such a wonderful subject.  I took a few pictures with my point and shoot of Divine and Gadiel, the darker grey stallion.  Then Laurie and I were watching Legs (Legacy of Roses) cantering, galloping and bucking in his paddock.  He was agitated at flies so Laurie decided to go get some fly spray; even though he was running because of flies he was still beautiful with his heels kicked up and his flag tail waving out behind him in the golden light.
Hi Brownie!!

Little Psylk

Laurie started taking the rest of the mares to the arena so I asked to help and went to get Brownie.  Apparently Pstar made a sudden move that bumped Laurie's glasses off.  She must have had some small gnats in her ears so Laurie told me to be cautious.  Brownie was fine but I saw Pstar acting irritated in the arena and then when Sala and Psylk were led out it was same thing.  Flies are mean!  Laurie got some spray and fly masks to appease the agitated mares.  I really feel for them but am thankful we aren't back east.  When I lived in Virginia the insects where 10 times as plentiful.  The mares settled down and then I headed home to relax.  I was planning on seeing some friends but after my long day on Friday I was still very tired and just wanted to veg....or stay at the stable and watch the mares in the fading sunlight munching on the fresh smelling hay.  Pastoral bliss!


Cute Divine nose- she has the cutest and softest muzzle

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