August 08, 2010

Arcs and Wallops

I arrived at Laurie's around 8:30am and got Divine in from the arena.  The boys were in the stalls as I led her into the grooming area.  Eksodus had his head over the stall looking at me, almost pleading to be mine.  After I got Divine hooked up to the cross ties I went over to Eksodus and tried to pet him on the neck, he kept eyeballing me and then moving his muzzle over to nibble me.  I kept saying no, and then went on petting him on his neck until he did it again.  I don't know how to handle young horses, pretty as he is I definitely think he needs someone who knows what they are doing with a young horse.  I grabbed the grooming kit and started working on Divine.  I got her saddle on and then stood for a bit loving on her, I hadn't seen Laurie or her daughters at all this morning.  I wanted to go to the house to see if they were about but I couldn't leave Divine cross-tied and I didn't know the best place to tie her here, plus I'm not too comfortable with the quick release tie.  So, I took Divine up to the front door and rang.  Ashleigh was at the door and said "Oh!" rather surprised and went to get Laurie.  As I walked back to the barn I wondered if I had missed an email or something. 

Once Laurie got to the barn I found out she had thought I wasn't coming since I had a doctor's appointment.  I kind of scratched my head trying to remember my wording in the last email I sent.  I felt so bad but Laurie was very cool about it, we had a good laugh.  I helped bring in the mares by taking in Brownie (aka Mystic Magic).  She's a sweet mare.  I had a bit of difficulty with Divine and the bridle but I think I was a little nervous with everyone moving about the barn, kind of like when I'm typing and someone comes up to my desk I can't seem to type without multiple typos!  It's one of those things I guess!

I honestly don't know what to write for my lesson on Divine this past Friday.  Things started well enough, she was responding to my aids and doing what I asked.  Then it seemed toward the last third of the lesson she began drifting out to the gate or the railing, out of my circle again.  I tried to remember the proper aids but old habits die hard.  I kept lifting the outer rein and pulling the inner rein too much.  A couple times Laurie told me to smack her on the side with my leg, I tried but Laurie said if I was doing it hard enough to correct Divine she should be able to hear it.  She stated that often times she drops the stirrup to get a good swing.  So next time, I tried that and what a wallop of a sound!  I was pretty satisfied with myself, Laurie has been trying to get me to be more bossy, so the mare doesn't get bossy.  I haven't used my leg to the extent I did today and now that I know how it works I can do that again if I need to.  Eventually I got Divine to listen to me and do what I asked, I just wish the first part of the lesson could have continued on without the difficulty.  My problem is that I don't correct hard enough when problems are small, I think I'm trying to correct but I don't think I'm doing it strong enough and Divine takes advantage, she wants to be boss. 
Silly Psylk muzzle from when I was trying to get a picture of Pstar's hooves, you can only see Pstar's chest here. Those two mares are so silly!
Laurie had me to do some counter arcs with Divine.  For those that don't know, I being in that group of not knowing, a counter arch is when a horse is circling to the right lets say, but their body arcs to the left.  It helps in flexibility and leg yielding, anyone correct me if I'm wrong or fill me in on the technique if you will.  I was having some issues with it but eventually succeeded.  Laurie got on Divine after my lesson to do some training on her since she felt she wasn't quite up to par with that technique which might have been some of the problem.  I stayed for a little but had to leave since I did have a doc appointment to get ready for in a couple hours.  I said goodbye to Psylk and Pstar, and headed home....I definitely missed staying for a bit to love on the horses for more than just a farewell pat.  Oh well some days other priorities take place over horsing around but I think next Friday I should be able to stay longer and love on them to my complete content.  I'd love to take some pictures of the horses with my Canon SLR camera, particularly the horses she's trying to find a home for.  She said she got some video of Eksodus this past week, that would be neat to see, I'll have to check out the webpage!

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