June 30, 2010

Trying Out the New Tack

I received my new saddle this week, on the same day I got offered a new job! There’s just something about owning my own horse stuff, it makes me feel more like a horse owner in a way. Just like the bridle, I applied the New Leather cleaner/conditioner to the saddle. It looked really nice I was just hoping it would work well with Willy and be comfortable too, I didn't want to spend too much money on my lease horse but I figured I’d most likely be staying with leasing Arabs so spending a little was fine for now. A cheaper saddle could mean less comfort but we’ll see. I headed to the stable around 1pm; it was late and looked like it was going to rain so I figured I’d spend the day in the indoor ring. The only tack I needed to borrow from Susan was a girth since the one that came with the saddle didn’t seem to be very hefty or comfortable for a horse, I wasn't even going to bother trying it out! 

Very handsome!  He looks good for a 20 year old!

As I arrived at the stable I saw Susan and she said she got my email about Willy’s eye and had been putting stuff on it for him. When I went to his stall I checked out the run-in shed, I’m happy to announce it only had a few piles of fresh manure! He seemed happy to see me and I stroked his neck while asking him how he was doing. I took off his fly mask and put on the rope halter. I’m so tempted to buy my own halter for him as well but I think I’ve gone a little overboard as it is; I’m already trucking grooming supplies and a saddle out here. The tack room was opened today but I had no need for any of it's contents.

I started grooming Willy who seemed less bothered by flies today. He also was really good about his back feet. When I’ve picked his back feet he seemed reluctant to lean on my leg with his while I worked. I guess most people that ride him are children so they can’t really support the leg like I can but he’s getting used to that at least. I had wipes this time so I used them on his eyes and nostrils. His far side eye was looking much better; I just wiped the corner of discharge. He didn’t seem to like the smell of the wipe and lifted his head up high and “flehmened”, which is basically lifting the upper lip and squishing the nostrils, it’s very funny looking! I talked softly and showed him I was being gentle, so he finally lowered his head to let me finish the job.
Someone kept following me as I stepped back to take his picture!
Bridling was easy and the saddle fit well on him. My new saddle pad and polo wraps matched being hunter green. Against his coat it looked great! Another thing about having your own tack, even for a lease horse, is being able to coordinate item.  Horses can have a fashion sense too right?  I’ve known people that do pinks or purples with their horse. I think it depends on the horse but I figure most horses should look good in green, and Willy sure did look handsome! I adjusted the stirrups and then mounted up. We walked and trotted, I tried to sit the trot on him but he seems to have a bouncier trot than my lesson horse Divine. So we posted and did figure eights, circles, all sorts of boring stuff but that’s where I am right now, trying to perfect something before moving on. We did a little riding outside around the bigger ring, uphill and downhill. The weather was getting nicer for a bit but then the sky turned pretty dark so I called it a day and took Willy in to untack, groom and put him away. I do have to wipe the saddle a bit more, it seems the stirrup leathers rubbed some black onto my jodhpurs but I’m sure just a little more work and they won’t do that again. The saddle was amazingly comfortable for the price! I know for the horse I buy, I’ll purchase good quality tack and make sure the fit is perfect but at this point in the game I just don’t want to spend that kind of money. For what I paid on eBay that saddle turned out to be pretty decent, in the future when I have my own horse at least I’ll have a saddle to start with and then a spare one once I have a nicer saddle to use regularly. Well actually I want two, an all purpose (or dressage) and an endurance saddle…but I’m getting ahead of myself!

My lesson on Divine is Friday, then I’m going to Estes Park to watch an Arabian horse show on Saturday and of course I ride Willy on Sunday. The next few days will be very horsey indeed!

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TX Doodler said...

Willy looks amazing in all his new gear! Love hunter green! He sure looks love struck, following you-adorable. You seem like such a loving, attentive rider & you're both bonding beautifully. Congrats!

I say go for the halter. I'd be bothered with a rope one as well. I was pricing them & window shopping after I read your post last night. I think I'll buy one when or if I lease.

I just ordered a new Troxel helmet & riding bra yesterday. I'm sooo excited, they're already shipping & I start riding lessons with a new barn Monday night! Whoo Hooo!