June 11, 2010

Riding Like a Pretzel

Today I had my lesson, we moved it up to 9am since it's getting warmer and 10am might be just a bit too hot.  Divine was in the arena turned out with her daughter Pstar, another mare named Psylk and Sala.  The mares are always really friendly when I walk in to get Divine.  Pstar is my favorite mare, I love Divine but Pstar always seems to come up to me and give me hugs and nuzzles.  I approached Divine talking to her softly but just then all the mares bolted off from what, I have no idea.  So I followed Divine to the other side of the arena, looped the lead rope around her neck and secured her halter.  I walked her to the stable to get her groomed and tacked up.  Nothing to exciting there, the process of grooming essentially is moving some of the dirt on the horse to the rider so they become a matching pair.  Hahaha!  The only troubles I had with Divine again were bridling and then her moving her front legs as I tried to wrap the polo wrap around her feet.  The near leg, which is the same as port side on a boat, was no problem, the far leg, starboard, she kept moving about as I worked.  After the third try I finally got her to stay still.  She's often fidgety to tack up but even more so when the stallions are being moved from the barn to the fields and the mares are being brought in from the arena so I can ride!

I worked on circles with Divine today.  Circles sound easy but they aren't.  Maintaining the perfect arc in the horse, and completing a circle that is not oval, a modified square or some type of egg shape can be challenging.  We also did figure eights.  Apparently as I was riding I felt like I was leaning right, into the turn but instead I was leaning left while using my left leg to push Divine into the circle and prevent her from dropping her shoulder.  Pressing with your left leg and not leaning towards the left is a bit difficult.  Same thing the other way just different sides.  I felt like a pretzel as Laurie told me to lean onto my inside seat bone as I pressed with the other leg to keep my seat "straight".  I couldn't understand why I felt I was leaning one way and yet she said I was leaning the other!  My seat leaned left but my upper body was leaning right....oh the poor horsey was confused!  But we got it all straightened out, literally and the lesson progressed.  I felt accomplished afterwards. 
Pstar and Eksodus
After I untacked and groomed Divine I released her into the arena with her carrot reward and went to love on the other horses.  Pstar is my favorite mare....did I say that already?  She has a beautiful head and a very sweet personality.  Eksodus is a yearling colt that Laurie is selling; I wish I could buy him but it would be a few years before I could ride him, so even if I could I probably wouldn't.  He's a sweet little boy, his neck is very graceful and archy.  His face and head are refined with a great sense of intelligence and playfulness in his eyes.  He was in the round pen as I left the stable.  I always have to give him a couple carrots and give him a few pats.  He's a gorgeous chestnut, my favorite horse color!  Oh to be so lucky to have acreage and several horses on it to love and ride any day you wanted to!  At least I get to come and enjoy these horses once a week!

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Dreamy Horse Crazy Gal said...

Actually I take it back, if I could buy him (Eksodus) I most likely would! I wonder how breeders feel about people buying their horses and changing their names?