June 20, 2010

Boss Mare

I had my riding lesson on Saturday this weekend since Friday I woke up with a horrible headache, great idea to go to Rock Bottom Liz! LOL. Divine had been ridden a couple of times that day so she was pretty calm for grooming and tacking up. I don’t want to say she isn’t “calm” she just moves a little bit and occasionally paws with her front legs, mainly because she wants to get going. Bridling was slow again as per her usually way but I think I’ve found that my thumb is too short to be effective at getting her mouth open, if I use my pointer finger it can go in her mouth deeper and she’s more inclined to open. I’ll have to try that first the next time I bridle her and see if that is the trick.
Psylk Noir
The lesson tired me out today; I was working on sitting trot and circling, again, and trying to sit straight. Things went pretty well but towards the end I was getting tired trying to squeeze my legs and keep her going, and collected. She was getting tired I think so kept trying to get back to the walk….it was a lose, lose, situation so we ended with just a few nice circles at the walk.

After my lesson I talked with Laurie for a while about horse names and renaming horses. Some horses have an odd name that I couldn’t imagine keeping (Hey Girlfriend, Strike a Pose, Special Forces, to name a few!)  I wondered about how one could change a name, whether you have to do it officially or not. It was interesting.  Laurie mentioned that most horses have a barn name anyways so I guess unless it was a terrible name the registry could keep whatever name the horse already had and you could "name" your horse whatever you desired.  There is just something special about naming your own horse!  After I groomed Divine and let her back out into the arena with the other mares I spent some time trying to give carrots to all of them.
Sala, the boss mare
Sala is the boss mare in the herd. She got most of the carrots and prevented me from giving some to the other horses. Pstar got a few, so did Divine but I wasn’t able to coax Brownie (Mystic Magic) or Psylk to come over for a carrot. I felt bad about that. Psylk is a very pretty black mare, she’s about two and since I’ve been riding there has gone through the odd growth spurts that make any “teenager” look awkward. I’m sure my colt friend Eksodus will go through some more; he’s only a yearling but still is very stunning in his looks. I spent a little time with him, giving him some carrots, stroking his neck, smacking his nose when he tried to nibble….seems he does that a lot and Laurie has told me to smack him and then praise him when he lets me pet him without any nipping. He’s not being mean, he’s just a mouthy baby and an orphan as well, and apparently that makes them even mouthier. He’s still a beauty to behold. Honestly all the horses are quite pretty and loveable. Not much else to report….love horses and can’t wait to have my very own!

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Thanks for stopping by and following along! Sounds like you have a good plan and are working your way towards it - sounds like a good plan to me.