March 23, 2020


I hope this post finds you all well.  It's a different world right now with Covid-19 everywhere you look online.  Life continues to trudge on though and I don't want to add to the feeds about pandemic preparation, lack of toilet paper and hand washing protocols.  All in all we are doing good.  Steve and I are working from home; for me that is challenging being a laboratory Research Associate.  I'm trying to brush up on data analysis skills and what not and anxiously awaiting a time when we can start projects that have been on the bench for a while now.

Going out to the barn each day is a glimmer of happiness, even more so now.  It's nice to still have our normal routine and hear the gentle nickers and feel the soft whiskers of pony lips as I am greed each morning and evening. Dani and Chance are both healthy aside from some allergies that are making Chance cough and then fart real loudly.  With just the right amount of hills around our place that fart sure does echo! Medicine seems to have been helping the poor boy! I can't help but laugh....mean pony mom.

The horses aren't affected by the pandemic one bit it seems (I honestly think they don't even know about, they don't like watching the news).  They are still demanding food, pooping regularly and rotating to their next field as the grass begins to green up.  Their coats are shedding like crazy.  It's most noticeable on Chance since he grows a really long winter coat.  He's gone through phases where it looks like he has mange as he's shed out areas that haven't quite grown in their new summer hairs yet. 

It's glorious to see peeks at the shiny summer hair as I anticipate future grooming sessions where I make him and Dani glisten.  I find it funny that horses shed out different areas in different orders.  The belly area seems to be the last body area to let go of the long winter coat.  It makes sense I guess; keep the core warm for the occasional winter-like day.  I'll be getting out there soon to trim up their woolly legs and goat like throat will be nice to have the horses back vs. these neighing Wookie like creatures.  Hahahaha!

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lytha said...

Wish I had a brown horse to make shine. Thanks for the update.