January 05, 2020

2010-2019 Decade End Blog Challenge

 The end of 2019 does not just mark the end of a year but a decade.  So a year end review makes sense but then there is also the decade end challenge.  From May As Well Event you are supposed to use one photo per year and describe the significance of said photo.  Here goes!

Willy was a sweet 20 year old Arabian gelding I leased for a time.  I had access to ride him each Saturday and enjoyed going out and having some fun time outside of my horseback riding lessons.  I grew a lot with him!

I tried a new horse for a period of time in 2011, Missy.  She was a nice mare but we never really clicked and I didn't have access to an indoor area to ride so was often rained out.  I continued lessons with Laurie and her Arabian horses.

My first ride on Dani (Daenerys).  This was when I was horse shopping and when I met Dani I knew she was the one.  I was so excited.  She was a great mare that was calm and sweet.  After all the checks, exams and contracts were done I moved her to a boarding facility where we could begin our life together.

Dani has a fun personality.  She is actually holding onto this sign with her teeth....no photoshop here.  I was entering a contest to win something from Julie Goodnight and this was the ticket!  Already Dani and I were bonding and I was learning she had a great sense of humor!

I moved Dani to her third boarding facility that had lots of nice pasture out east in Peyton, CO.  We had lots of area to ride out there and met a great riding buddy who also was a Morgan.  

In 2015 my hubby and I moved from CO to NC.  Dani followed two weeks later via a professional horse shipping company.  I finally had a pony in my backyard!  We then found Chance, a nice Arabian gelding only one year older than Dani.  They have become good friends as long as Chance does everything Dani tells him to!

This year was full of rides some lessons and getting used to the new property.  We had a lot of work cut out for us like painting the barn and getting fencing removed and repaired.  It's been a great property and only gets better for us as time goes on.

More riding around the neighborhood.  Still not getting Steve on a horse as much as I would like so I often rode Chance to keep him up to speed.

Not horse related I had a spinal surgery due to herniated disks.  I was off riding for over a year and needed help from friends while I recovered.  It was scary but my husband got me through it, and Bernie my snuggle-saurus.  Yes I'm 39 years old as I'm writing this and I still love my stuffed animals!

This year has flown by.  I got on Dani after over a year off from riding.  Both of us a little fatter but we are still alive and kicking!  I didn't have the comeback I really wanted.  A really hot summer and other things got in the way.  Well....no more! 2020 will not keep me off my horse.  I will get back to riding regularly and get Chance ridden some too and maybe even get Steve up on his horse at some point.

It's been an interesting decade and as I face my 40th birthday in February I realize that life is short.  I'm only getting older.  I have a lot of projects I want to do but I need to take the time to say hell with it and kick my (and Dani's heels) up with glee and leave the worries behind.  

It's the new roaring 20's ya'll!!


lytha said...

I love your decade summary! That mare of your is awesome. She's what people mean when they talk about a "brick house" - am I wrong?

Best wishes to you and your farm in the new year. We could have mud wars....

L.Williams said...

I hope this next decade is a great one for you!

Mrs Shoes said...

Happy New Year, the look back was lovely.