March 10, 2017

Newer Spreader

I'm very excited about a "present" the hubby got us.  A Newer Spreader.  It's a little manure spreader and we love it!  We do think it's overpriced but haven't found a better alternative or a DIY.  We bit the bullet and are actually quite pleased.  Composted manure can't go through most spreaders like that hefty seed spreader I was hoping would work; you need a manure spreader.  This is perfect, I can fill it up with my composted manure or fresh if I want and then spread it over the fields.

We no longer use a wheel barrow to pick the fields instead we use a harrow (here's an example) that breaks up the poop and lets it decompose into the soil.  This is just an added tool for that spreading of nutrients into the field concept.  In the winter the horses seen to mainly poop in the wormhole and thus we can't use the harrow so we have to pick that up and place it in piles

This will be great as we take several large piles of composted manure and spread it over the fields along with seed and lime.  We have a lot to do to rejuvenate the pastures and get them less weedy but that is another post.  The intent was to do that this fall but I just didn't have the time to do that spreading by hand.  It's so helpful having the tools we need finally!!  More tools means a faster job and thus more time with the ponies!!!


Mrs Shoes said...

That thing is AWESOME!! So cool that you can haul it around with your mower; Hubby totally scores with that gift.

We harrow in the summertime also, but we also have (literally) years worth of composting poo in a couple of ever growing piles out on the edge of one pasture that I so badly want to spread out for fertilizer.
Been looking for a used spreader for a while now, but never get lucky enough to find one. It's the 'used tractor' all over again for us & I am starting to think I should just bite the bullet, go out and buy a new one because the quest for used has gotten to be ridiculous.

Exploring Dressage Biomechanics said...

I have had a Newer Spreader for 15+ years. One of my very best small horse farm(usually 2-4 horses) purchases ever. Just don't overload it when material is very wet/heavy, instead do half loads. A very good buy!