February 24, 2017

Christmas Time Family Fun

Oh wow is this draft old!!  It was just pictures with my intent to fill in what went on this fall and Christmas.  We had Steve's family over for Thanksgiving and then headed up to my brother's in VA for Christmas.  The week before I had the delight of my parents flying in from CO to visit us here for the first time.  My parents loved Geek acres! 

In November we had a new nephew, Colton, born.  Bryson has a little brother now and is happy as a clam and such a sweet brother to him.  My parents were ecstatic to meet their new grandchild!

My mom was constantly holding the little guy.  Dad baked pies with Bryson and Steve and I just visited with everyone.

Most of December leading up to this point saw me working on a monster book of monsters for Steve.  We are big harry potter fans but Steve didn't like the cheap looking books they had in Orlando.  I decided to tap into the creativity and make him his very own monster book.  I may post a how I did it post here in a bit.  I ran into many obstacles where I had to improvise but it turned out great and Steve loved it.  Here see Stubs sleeping with it on the loveseat.  Poor thing didn't know I put it there and when she opened her eyes she jumped 3 feet in the air!!!  Afterwards she sniffed it and then began cleaning the fur, LOL.

So in a nutshell that was Christmas.  The ponies got some nice grooming but no riding.  They are so spoiled not having to work lately but I'm looking into getting some lessons again so that will definitely change.

In the news, today hubby and I are going to tractor hunt!!  Plus we got a manure spreader!  I'll post about that very soon since it's very exciting to finally be getting things we need to make chores that much easier!


Mrs Shoes said...

Wow, what a cool idea for an HP fan! I remember (when my children were little) that a friend from Florida sent me the first book before it was available in Canada; we spent a lot of hours reading aloud the series as we drove back and forth a couple of times a year to visit with Mr Shoes' family. Time well spent & fondly remembered.

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

I really liked reading your very nice post!!! You have such a beautiful family. It's so nice to see everyone happy and having so much fun together:)