March 11, 2016

Our Farmlett Name?

I was recently asked in the comments what I've named my little farmlett.  I had Blue Crescent Stables for my Breyer barn when I was a kid.  What a grand name filled with show horses.

Now I have a small 4 acre plot with two horses, a hopeful orchard and future we plan to start a garden.  We've named our pastures The Shire, Gallifrey and Westeros after some sci-fi and fantasy loves.  We have the "Wormhole" that is the sacrifice paddock that goes between them.  

It just makes sense to name it....Geek Acres.  Yes.  I'm sure I'm not the first, nor will I be the last but it's my little piece of this world and that name just works for us.  LOL.

And with that said, I'll leave you with this......


L.Williams said...


lytha said...

Geek Acres, I'm sure you're the first. Awesome.

I wish everyone would do a barn chores vid like this, it's so real. I have no idea where you live where it could possibly be so DRY this time of year - we're sinking in mud still. Frozen lumpy mud with poop mixed in and impossible to separate.

Thank you for the tour!

Christie Maszk said...

We are in NC. Been recently dry actually. We've had a lot of mud and it's finally solidified. Some areas I couldn't even get the wheel barrow through it was so deep and yucky! Glad you liked the video. My parents wanted me to make some videos of the home etc for my grandma and I figured while I was at it I could try out the Go Pro and do a silly one too. Not sure if grandma can watch it without getting sick but I'm sure she'll laugh!

Kalin said...

Ha, I love it!!!

Mrs Shoes said...

That. was. AWEsome. I loved it!

I'm another one who walks around the pasture with a fork & wheelbarrow; I find the job considerably easier when there is not a lot of grass for the fork to get stuck in. Right now we are enjoying a 'warming trend' so snow is melting & I see a lot of piles I'd like not to, but they're still frozen hard onto the ground & it'll take a lot more melting before they come up without use of a jackhammer.