June 09, 2015


Really?  Only my horse can get injured on a rubber mat. We were working on trailer loading again and Dani was doing fantastic!  She was going in and then standing with her head out the back.  If I asked her to step back she would.  I started then moving the divider over to her and then releasing.  I'm trying to get her used to the "confinement" of having that divider on her.  Sure at this time she is facing backwards but baby steps.  I'm not at the point where I can walk in after her to shut the divider.  I know she can whip around to step out the back of the trailer and possibly squish me in the process.  I've been in the trailer when she's turned around and it's not a safe thing.  Luckily I was only bruised.

Well I got greedy I think and took it a step too fast and tried to work on the divider closing as she was still facing forward.  She freaked a little and I think the back rubber mat flipped upwards and rubbed her inside leg.  It looks like she has a very close shave.  Right afterwards though she was holding her back leg up and I was freaked thinking she'd gotten herself really injured.  She finally placed it down and I was able to walk her with no issue and it seems the pain subsided.  I asked her a couple of times to enter the trailer, not surprisingly she was hesitant.  She didn't stay in but we ended on a good calm note.  Granted if she'd been seriously injured we would have foregone the additional loads.  I don't want to create a huge setback because of this.

Then I took her up to address her injury.  I hosed her off and then washed her with Iodine.  It really was just that, a shaved off area, like road rash but with rubber.  I still felt horrible.  She kicks out when there are wraps on her back legs but darn it, she's just gonna have to deal.  We are using them when we load!  I'll be headed out today to see how she is doing.  I put some ointment on her so I'll be washing her leg again and seeing what the injury looks like.

I'm just so frustrated.  I should have just stopped at moving the divider over to her.  Instead I took it a step too far and it was just too much for her and she got hurt.  My poor baby

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Mrs Shoes said...

An old Horseman's saying....
"It's a long way from the heart."
I think we often feel worse than they do when they get a scratch - especially if there's any blood! ;-)