June 05, 2015

Moisture Means Bugs

We've been getting a lot of moisture in Colorado.  After spending a week in California, I said for the first time ever after a trip, "Wow, Colorado is so green!"  Usually I'm headed east or somewhere else so it's nice and green and Colorado is always so dry.  Compared to CA though, it's lush this year!

A dug out area near my horse trailer was filled with yucky water.  In my shed at home I'd come across some mosquito dunks (BTI) that I'd used in my zoonotic disease job in Public Health.  I brought those to the barn and asked if I could apply then to this pond.  The mosquitoes are getting bad but these dunks have a bacteria specific to mosquitoes that disrupts the growth of the larvae.  They are safe and easy to use so hopefully the mosquito population will die down a bit.

Until then I have last years bottle of fly spray for Dani in my trailer and another kept up a the main barn.  I also have some spray for me.  That has been one benefit of the dry weather though is that usually Colorado lacks hordes of biting insects.  Oh well, the pastures are green and my yard at home is looking nice including newly seeded lawn patches.  The rain has been helpful in many instances.

I'll get out to ride more now that the rain has calmed down a bit....just hoping I don't get eaten alive!

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