May 18, 2015

Sunny Morning

I'd forgotten what a blue sky looked like!  It was nice to take advantage of the morning sun.  Clouds were already building and rain was on it's way so I made sure to get out to the barn in time.  The day before I spent the morning assisting the local horse community in working on our upcoming Equestrian Skills Park!!  Exciting stuff and can't wait to see it implemented!

I decided it would be good to refresh Dani on some groundwork since I haven't been out much due to the rain.  We did some round pen work.  She's getting better on turning in; I guess remembering is more accurate.  She already knows this stuff.

I then reminded her about backing using body language and the stick as a signal.  We also worked on turning on the forehand and then the "salute" as I like to call it where I move around to her outside with active body language and ask her to move her hindquarters away.  She's gotten that down pretty well.

She does it so well that even when I was not trying to move her but take a side picture she would still turn and salute giving me two eyes.  Dani is around 969 or 953 based on the weight tape.  I'd like to get her down some, 900 maybe?  Really there is a place on her shoulder and then her tail base that shows there excess fat.  She's more at a level 7 when she needs to be a 5 on the body condition score.  Hopefully wearing a muzzle during the day time will help and if this darn rain stops I can get out to exercise her more often!

It's so great that even despite the rain she is doing well.  Her legs aren't showing signs of scratches or other issues and her summer coat is starting to come in nicely.  She's getting shiny!  She always seems to get a little darker in the summer and then sometimes has developed some dapples.  Fuzzy or smooth though she's my pretty girl.

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