May 15, 2015

I'm still here!

I'm still here.  Just been busy and rainy.  For work I was gone for about 3 days in Durango, CO.  I'm hoping to get out sometime this weekend to work with my mare and hoping that we get more dry weather.

It worries me when Colorado gets a ton of rain at once.  Our soils can't hold the moisture and then the plant growth increases.  If this is followed by a long dry spell it could mean bad news for fires.  Wish we could send the rain to California!  Talk with you all very soon!


Mrs Shoes said...

I've often thought we should have cross country pipelines that carry water (instead of oil) from where there's an abundance to where it's really needed; such a thing could make all the difference in the world - JMHO.

Mrs Shoes said...

BTW - LOVE this sillouhette photo Christie!