January 29, 2012


I'm frustrated with schedules and trying to work lesson times out with Laurie, I know it's not her fault.  It's just I haven't ridden since before Steve and I left for Florida.  Laurie has a lot of things going on with her daughters and their dance rehearsals, they are amazing dancers....Laurie included!  Since I can only ride in the evenings after work, on Saturdays or Sundays...and she doesn't teach on Sundays it limits me.  Laurie has a regular lesson on Wednesdays and I think most evenings she is bringing kids to dance etc.  The last couple times I've tried to arrange lessons it seems she's available on the days I'm not and maybe one other day, usually the least favorable day for me.  Even on Martin Luther King day someone had already grabbed a riding lesson slot before me!!! Laurie had sent an email about her change in availability way back in July stating her her time would be limited with the dance stuff this year....so it's not a shock me, I'm still just disappointed.  I used to have 3 day weekends so Friday mornings were perfect lesson days, no conflicts nothing!  I like having 8 hour days instead of 10 hours but I do miss my Friday mornings. 

This week I can ride any time but Monday and Tuesday....Monday I took a day off work since a friend got a couple free tickets for A-Basin (a ski resort here in Colorado)  My hubby doesn't like skiing so it's a nice treat to go with those that do and on a weekday too!  Then Tuesday I have my hot stone massage after worked (that was rescheduled from Sunday when I realized I'd be skiing on Monday, smart thinking aye?)  So anyways Laurie replies that she can give me a lesson on Monday or Friday...Saturday she's booked.  Uge.  I know it's not her fault, she has more students now which is great but with one horse that is rideable, dancing lessons and rehearsals that her daughters and her are committed to, then of course my schedule/hubby schedule on top of it...the number of days a week that would work out are VERY limited.  Most times something comes up on Fridays but I'm gonna go ahead and make this Friday available so I can get some horse time in!

Alex 7-11.JPG
2006 Gelding for sale (bad pic his video is nice), has won multiple top 5's and 1st places in
Sport horse in hand and Breeders Cups.  He's only $3500 or best offer
Of course the rescues will come first in my search but he's one of the many
Hard as it is I want to look for another riding instructor to supplement my lessons with Laurie.  I need to ride more often and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the best days for me and I think are the worst for Laurie!!  Laurie always says that once I have my own horse it won't be as much of an issue, I guess since Saturdays are limited to only two lessons because she only has Divine.  If I trailer in my horse then I can have a lesson.....well that's great but requires one thing, well two....a truck and trailer.  I will be happy to start searching for a horse hopefully as early as May but a truck and trailer....that might be a bit longer.  I'm not planning on financing anything either, soooooo......it will be a while before I can get horse transport.  I'll have to see if Laurie can come to where I board my horse or find a trainer that can come to me or is located at the facility in the mean time.

***Oh I so have to post about Vantage Point Farms asap!  Very nice stable that I think has made it as my TOP choice in boarding facilities!  VERY NICE!!!***

Then there is this cute guy who is already trail savy and endurance ridden!

So anyhow, back to the lessons, I'm gonna set up a Friday lesson with Laurie and see what else after that I can schedule.  I have a gal up in Monument that teaches dressage principles and has a nice Arab gelding I can ride...I told her about my accidents and fear of canter and what I need to work on, so we'll see.  All in all, this just sums up that I need my own horse that I can ride when ever I want and whenever works.  There are several geldings that I'm really dying to email the owners about but I need to get Cancun paid for (we go in late July but will pay for it in March....so excited!!) and then this one bill paid completely off before I let myself start looking.  At least I have about $200 in gift cards from Dover Saddlery to help pay for my new Wintec saddle I'm looking at for "future horse".  I'm glad that it seems I'm on the last turn before the homestretch!!


Mare said...

I can see why yous frustrated, even if it isn't Laurie's fault. I don't think it would be bad to try to find someone who is more capable of working with your schedule!

You're getting so close!!!

Christie said...

Yeah I still feel bad, since my scheduled changed from the four day work week my friday lesson doesn't work. I can ride at about 5:30 or 6pm in the evenings, I hate having a lesson on a Friday since I just want to relax after a long work week. My preference is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday...those days work the best. Saturday morning lessons are fine but as I get closer to buying a horse my weekends will be booked with horse shopping and then once I have my horse I'll be wanting to work with them not a lesson horse so I'll need a training who can come to me.

We shall see the one thing I need to work out right now is a consistent at least one day a week lesson. We'll see what Laurie and I can figure out, if it doesn't work right now it doesnt work... She's just such a great instructor...

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog - why not come and post it over at hay-net.co.uk for more to follow? Be great to have you there!