January 22, 2012

Fire Horses

It's amazing to me that horses have done so much for us!  I recently saw War Horse and was awed.  I've been on horses that shy at a bird singing and yet war horses had to deal with fires being shot and explosions!

Fire horses are no different.  Not only did they deal with a siren but they dealt with the noise and chaos of a building on fire.

My local fire operations center, I go there often because of my job, has a museum with old fire engines and then these set up with model horses pullin scale fire engines etc.

There were also many photos of the actual fire horses.  How regal they are!

Of course the fire hydrants were kinda cute, I had to take a picture of the different types and kinds.

So this was a short post, I just wanted to get the pictures of the old fire engines and the brave horses up for everyone to see.  Does anyone see a dalmation dog in these pics?  I know they were an importatn member of the fire team since they worked to keep the horses calm. 


Braymere said...

Oh, this is SO cool. Where is it? I want to go!

Christie said...

It's at the fire operations center in Colorado Springs on Printers parkway. It's a small little museum since it's in the main operations center for the city but pretty cool. I'm there for work meetings alot! 375 Printers Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

scott davidson said...

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