August 01, 2011

Norris-Penrose Equestrian Center

Norris-Penrose is a nice big facility located right in town.  Only ten minutes from home or work.  It features many large arenas and an indoor arena plus access to a cross country course with access to trails galore.

Inside the barn
 Those are really the only good things.  The facility board starts at $400 a month for indoor stall board.  Turnout is $40 for half day $75 for full day, the turnout are in smaller pen type areas that really do not equate to turn out in my opinion.  Everything is extra here, blanketing in bad weather $60 a month, parking the trailer $10 a month, private locked tack rooms....they nickel and dime you to death.  For what I would want it would easily be $500 a month and I still wouldn't get the type of pasture board I think a horse deserves.

The stable is big and there are a lot of boarders and a good chance to meet people to ride with.  A lot of different disciplines are represented here and the stable manager really does seem to genuinely care about the horses.  It's just the "standard" accepted boarding style of stalls and small runs, it's the "norm" here.  Their pasture turn outs are no more than big runs really.  At least the horses can be turned out with another horse or two. 

One of the multiple outdoor arenas
 The biggest thing going for it is the location and the amenities as it relates to humans.  If I could find this exact same facility, in this location but with several acres of pasture that the horses could be turned out on I would be very inclined to board here.  I just can't justify the stall and run type board at this cost....honestly I can't justify it for even a cheaper price.  I think it's much better and healthier for a horse to be out and about in a pasture with other horses getting socialization, having the natural movement of grazing etc.  That may mean more scratches and bumps but I think a horse should be a horse.  Oh well...moving on.  It may be a good facility to go to if my horse is injured and required to be stall bound and only hand walked but this facility is very low on the list.

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