August 01, 2011

Armada Bay Equestrian Center

Armada Bay is right across the street from where Willy is on Meridian, pretty convenient since I felt that was a good distance from my house.  It's a nice area I already know!  The facility is about 10 acres or so.  The owner bases her boarding on the "Paddock Paradise" book, which is a philosophy based on research of wild horse habits where the paddocks are set up as tracks so the horses are in constant motion to go eat hay, find shelter or drink water.  It was an interesting concept and I want to find that book to read to better understand this.  She pretty much only has pasture board for $335 a month, trailer parking is included.  There are several track boarding areas and then one large pasture that she rotates the horses through.  It was very impressive.

She had an outdoor arena, another arena type area and a small indoor arena.  The tack room was a good size and then there was an area near the tacking stalls for people to put their trunks etc if they had them.  No extra cost.  There might be an extra cost for grain depending on the amount the horse needed.  I know the area and the neighborhoods so I know of some riding plus there is the trail that goes out to Peyton and then from there another park to ride in.  It's pretty close in Falcon so easy access to trailer out somewhere too.

Next to the outdoor arena looking at the indoor arena/tack room building
The only catch is that each horse there has to be in a training program or lesson program.  I asked her what that entailed and what regular sessions meant.  She stated a couple times a month is fine and the sessions are $25 each.  I know I will most likely have my new horse in some type of training when I first get him or her and it may be really convenient to have a trainer that I like at the facility I'm boarding at.  I'll just have to tread carefully and see what the contract details would entail.  I like the facility but I don't know if I want to be tied to a training regimen at all times.  On the same token it might be a good idea.  Who knows how soon I'll have a trailer and be able to trailer my horse over to Laurie's. 

The facility had mostly boarders in their 30's and up she stated and they have regular excursions where they go out for rides as a group.  Sounds fun!  I definitely will keep this facility on the list.  It might not be at the top because of training requirement but I feel it was a good concept and the pasture board I desire.

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lytha said...

if there is one thing i've learned lately, it's OBSERVE lessons. actually, observe everything before committing. i know you already know this. i just wanted to say i'm having trouble too, and i don't know if i'll ever find a barn where i believe in their training philosophy, for lessons. cuz i don't want to just own a horse, i want to learn to ride better. there is never a "good enough" when it comes to riding.

i LOVE the track system and want to implement it here as soon as there is more than one horse. one horse does not cause a track system to function. i hope to implement it someday.

i wish you success in your search.